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Process Green adds value to businesses by providing credit card processing solutions that lower expenses and simultaneously donates a portion of every transaction to Green Communications Initiative.
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Green Communications Initiative

Our Mission is to inspire people to consume responsibly. Communicating through arts, media, culture and education, we’re committed to actively benefit our environment. By supporting positive consumer behaviors and encouraging necessary change we sustain the health and wellbeing of our blue and green planet.

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How it helps

In order to keep our art walk FREE we need your help. As part of our WalkIt! initiative to increase the walkability of our city, GCI is proud sponsor of the Mar Vista Art Walk (MVAW). By creating a cool destination we are transforming Venice Blvd from a freeway into a happening, local and sustainable Main Street. The Mar Vista Art Walk is a FREE, fun filled quarterly event inspiring this change. More walking = fewer cars + less fossil fuel.

Current Donors

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Green Communications Initiative
Green Communications Initiative

11466 Washington Place, Ste. A Los Angeles, CA 90066-5062

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3 BUSINESSES are currently supporting Green Communications Initiative. They have generously chosen to donate funds to our cause through Process Green®. Every time a purchase is made, a percentage goes to us! Please consider these businesses for your patronage. Thank you!

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