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#smallchangeforBIGchange A donation is made to Life Chiropractic College West every time you make a credit card purchase from Dr. Gorgas Wellness.

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Dr. Gorgas Wellness

Dr. Gorgas is passionate in empowering you to fall in love with your health. He is recognized internationally for his Thyroid Restoration Program. His unique approach which combines neurological and metabolic restoration has helped thousands of patients regain and maintain their health. Dr. Gorgas’s 36 years as a health and wellness expert along with his special interest in High Performance, Nutrition and Psychological sciences provide him with a unique advantage of helping you succeed in ways that no one else can.

Dr. Gorgas Wellness Dr. Gorgas Wellness

225 N. Horne Street, Oceanside CA,92054

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Life Chiropractic College West

INSTITUTIONAL MISSION: To advance chiropractic through the Doctor of Chiropractic Program, postgraduate education, philosophical inquiry, research and scholarly activity in a climate of love and service.

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We are planning to use additional funds provided from Process Green to further teaching and learning and the academic experience at Life West. This would involve enhancing the classroom experience so our students will have 'smart' classrooms for lecture delivery and learning. We will also provide needed resources for the electronic health record systems, improving patient communication and delivery.

Life Chiropractic College West

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