Nonprofit organizations that exist to serve a charitable cause expect a good share of monthly donations from supporters in order to continue their services. There are many ways individuals and companies give a share of their profits to these organizations so that they can contribute to addressing social issues of hunger, poverty, unemployment, natural disasters, and the like. With the advent of eCommerce and online credit card processing, the methods by which people may give donations have even improved. Now it’s only a matter of a few clicks that can help a nonprofit organization achieve its goals and make this world a better place to live in.
Merchant services providers come in many shapes and sizes. There are payment processors that charge huge fees and provide fast and reliable services. But then there are some providers that also allow their customers to save their hard-earned money and make online donations to a nonprofit organization of their choice. There are providers in this category whose main focus is on reliability and security. And for this purpose they make use of modern security mechanisms and may charge an extra fee from their customers. Moreover, they are concerned about their customers and therefore provide an excellent and world-class customer support, which is available 24/7.
Then, there are companies that claim to help decrease the expenses of running a business in today’s challenging economy. Some of them have even designed an analysis program that helps you identify the areas where you can save money on transactions. Then there are providers that donate a percentage of their net profit to charitable causes. Each time a credit card transaction is carried out nonprofit organizations get their share in a hassle-free manner. Merchants can choose not to disclose their name when making donations and since the process is handled by the merchant services provider, it is very much possible.
Finally there is Process Green™, which is one of its kind in providing online payment solutions to its customers the world over. Now it’s possible to donate to your favorite nonprofit organization in a paper-free and environmentally friendly way. Merchants have a chance to sign up with this provider that donates 10% of gross profits from each credit card transaction to charity. Be a part of this campaign so that you can also contribute to making our earth greener and healthier. You can also recommend an organization to Process Green™ that is working for a social cause and choose it as your main donation recipient.