edward pakdaman

founder and president

With the mind of an entrepreneur and heart of a philanthropist, Pakdaman was determined to create a business with a social conscience. In 2010, Process Green was born and became the brainchild of providing sustainable funds to nonprofit organizations.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best, when he stated, “Be the change, you wish to see in the world.” As a child, Pakdaman envisioned a career path towards helping others. As years went on, he aligned his academic, professional and personal interests to this vision.

He attended a travelling high school called STARS (Student Travel and Research School) where he was immersed into worldly surroundings. Some of his most life changing and eye opening experiences originated from visits to China and South Africa, to meeting the Queen of Swaziland, and even hearing President Nelson Mandela address apartheid issues. He was exposed to global issues, such as poverty, environmental degradation, and lack of education – issues which Pakdaman holds true to his heart today that he hopes to address through Process Green.

While attending San Francisco State University, Pakdaman interned at the United States Department of Commerce. His internship focused on developing strategic partnerships between clean technology companies and businesses in China to support cleaner air mandates for the 2008 Olympics. Through this internship, he developed a deep passion for sustainability, which is a focal business practices implemented at Process Green.

Shortly after receiving his B.S. in International Business, Pakdaman began a grassroots journey at an environmental non-profit organization in Santa Monica, CA. As is a common case with non-profits, funding was tight as the organization relied on private donors. He often contemplated if there was a revenue model that might better serve nonprofits. It was this nudge from his internal entrepreneurial spirit that the business model of Process Green emerged. Pakdaman sought out to drive residual funding to nonprofits by developing a business that would essentially sell itself. His passion for entrepreneurship and philanthropy launched Process Green to become the nexus of consumers, businesses, nonprofits, and communities.

Edward Pakdaman’s wish for the world: “I wish more people were inspired to pursue their passions. That people encouraged one another to be boldly creative, and to use their talents towards doing good.”