Most of us have unfortunately been affected by cancer. It may not have been a direct fight, rather, a family member’s, friend’s or significant other’s battle. Our daily struggle involves avoiding toxic foods/environments and staying mentally and physically strong. These are simple preventative measures we need to be taking to limit our odds of being personally affected by cancer.
The month of October has been a special one since we have teamed up with Keep A Breast to remind everyone about breast cancer prevention awareness month and all of the hard work they do to keep us and our boobies healthy. Amazingly, we have yet another business owner who has chosen to dedicate their business to this much needed cause. Mitra Pakdaman of LA Healthcare Design Inc. could have chosen any cause to support but breast cancer prevention was at the top of her list.

Mitra Pakdaman - Owner - LA Healthcare Design Inc.

Mitra Pakdaman – Owner – LA Healthcare Design Inc.

Mitra’s grandmother was the matriarch in her family. She was the woman who provided love and sustenance for her children and grandchildren in a “Wonder Woman” style fashion. Her grandmother took on many responsibilities within the family and stood as a strong feminine symbol and role-model for all of her kin to emulate. It was very hard to digest when the family had learned about their grandmother’s breast cancer diagnosis. As her health deteriorated, it was hard to accept their new reality; the pillar of strength in the family was no longer able to take care of herself.
For years after Mitra’s grandmother passed, Mitra had been searching for ways to do her part to help put an end to breast cancer. Donating to breast cancer research organizations felt good but she felt that there must be a way to stop the disease before it gets to the fatal point of no return. She wanted to support and organization that helps women be more aware of any changes with their bodies and educates them on preventative measures to avoid cancer causing ingredients and encourages them to continuously check for signs of early warning signs of breast cancer.  This is when she decided to partner with Process Green and Keep A Breast.
Mitra’s day to day consists of creating healthy environmental designs for health care facilities so she works with doctors in both public and private practices. Now, whenever Mitra is working with any new design space, her and her clients are participating in helping Keep A Breast spread the word and reach out to more people in their mission to prevent breast cancer.

Shaney jo Darden #checkyourselfie

The key word here is prevention. What can we do to keep our friends and family safer? Well, let’s start by taking a few minutes to check ourselves today. Here is a great video Kris Carr (New York Times Best Selling Author) and Shaney jo Darden (Co Founder of Keep A Breast) made to help you #checkyourselfie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqZiUcwb19Q
Please also visit Keep A Breast to find out how you can help be a part of this great cause and participate in the many year-round programs they have.