LOS ANGELES (December 17, 2013) – This past November, Process Green was honored to receive a Certificate of Recognition signed by the President of the LA City Council Herb J. Wesson, Jr. and Mayor Eric Garcetti, among 14 other LA district city officials.  The certificate reads, “The City of Los Angeles would like to recognize Process Green for their long-term dedication and support for improving our city through their innovative and philanthropic business model.  We appreciate your vision for a better world and we thank you for starting this movement with the City of Angels.”

Process Green Certificate of Recognition from City of Los AngelesThe City of LA saw the value of Process Green’s actions, and how connecting businesses to charities can help communities of all kinds.  “Process Green has established a local presence that has a global impact,” said Process Green founder, Edward Pakdaman.

Corporate social responsibility is a key component to any successful business and cause marketing is one of the main ways to communicate it.  88% of consumers want to hear how companies they buy from support social and environmental issues (“Cause-Related Marketing…”).  The City of LA recognizes how important it is to be conscious of consumer desires, and that Process Green’s business method allows consumers to feel good while doing good.  Even though some businesses are starting to implement it into their business models, Process Green is the first to take it one step further.  Process Green doesn’t just donate to non-profit organizations, they help market and give exposure for them and also help local businesses grow.  No other merchant service provider allows for the development of personal inter-business relationships. Process Green is the only merchant service provider that connects local for-profit and  non-profit businesses to promote a more cohesive community.

Process Green is very grateful to the LA City Council for the privilege to be a recipient of this Certificate of Recognition.  Process Green hopes to continue to lead by example, and cause a chain reaction among other businesses to follow suit and implement socially responsible practices into their own respective business models.  Process Green hopes that their seemingly small actions can have a big impact on the community and help to inspire a shift in the way in which people conduct their businesses.


To learn more about how Process Green is making a difference, go to processgreen.com.


Written by: Julie Tofukuji

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