Nonprofits are organizations that exist not for generating profits for the owners or investors but to serve an openhanded cause. There are many forms of such organizations serving different purposes including social welfare, charity, religious causes, and community foundations. These organizations get their funding from individual donors, fundraising campaigns, and planned giving programs. ECommerce has further widened the possibilities of getting enough funds to run a nonprofit organization.
If these organizations have an online presence, they may use their website to accept donations by credit card. There are many credit card processors that provide low-cost services to nonprofits for any type of credit card transaction including real-time and batch. These companies make sure there are no hidden fees involved and they do not make donor information public. If you want to lower your nonprofit merchant account processing fees, then you should sign up with such a company.
There is another way through which nonprofits can receive regular donations from people around the globe. Many online private firms nowadays allow their customers to donate a share of the purchase to a nonprofit organization. Since eCommerce is eco-friendly by nature, you now have a chance to contribute positively to making our planet greener and healthier.
Merchants who want to be a part of such a program should sign up with a merchant services provider that specializes in this area. These providers are concerned with the betterment of the social order and therefore donate a percentage of their gross profits from each customer to a nonprofit organization. They help business owners save money and expand their business in an eco-friendly way. Switching from a traditional credit card processing company to an innovative merchant services provider of such nature is simple and straight forward and does not require much effort.
Why not choose a greener method to donate to your favorite charitable causes? Process Green™, as it is clear from its name, is a company that believes in using technology for all aspects of business transactions and in so doing save the environment. It is an online merchant services provider that donates a share of the credit card processing fees to nonprofit organizations.
Not just this, the company also offers lower rates than other similar solutions available out there and lets you choose an organization you wish to donate to. Many big names have already switched from their old credit card processors to Process Green™. Are you next?