LOS ANGELES (April 2, 2013)—Process Green signed on two socially responsible businesses last week.
Always a Bridesmaid and George’s Tailoring are two local shops that will be supporting the Art of Giving Foundation through Process Green.
“Merchant accounts are not always easy to deal with,” Natalie Haber, founder of Always a Bridesmaid said. “Process Green helped us easily transition from our old processor. We updated our terminals too! Having a program that allows us to give back to society just gives Process Green a sweet additional benefit…that’s what makes it so special and unique” she added.dressUp-supportDisad-182x1581
Natalie, along with her father George Haber, founder of George’s Tailoring, have always been a huge supporter of helping the youth in need. “That’s why we chose The Art of Giving Foundation” Haber told the reporter, “It is a great NPO and we are proud to be supporting them.”
The father-daughter duo is looking forward to empowering disadvantaged children through triggering their creativity and interest in art. “We want the kids to know that hard work always pays off,” said Haber. “When the kids apply their creativity as a tool to provide for other kids in need, they see their hard work in action and are motivated to continue doing good deeds.”George-Tailoring-182x1581
Using Process Green’s services, Always a Bridesmaid and George’s Tailoring are expecting to help raise hundreds of dollars for The Art of Giving Foundation just within the next year.
The Haber family’s benevolence does not stop there. Always a Bridesmaid and George’s Tailoring have been donating close to one hundred dresses and clothes to the Cinderella Project under A Place Called Home and The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles.”We’ve been doing this for almost a year now” Haber said, “and we are going to support them as long as we are in business.”
With over 35 years of combined business success, George’s Tailoringand Always a Bridesmaidplan on expanding their businesses further and have already established themselves as themost popular and well respected garment/tailoring stores in theneighbourhood.
To find out more about their business and what they do, visit www.always-a-bridesmaid.com and www.georgestailoring.com. To find out more about the Arts of Giving Foundation, visit www.theartofgivingfoundation.com
-written by Taiu Kunimoto