LOS ANGELES (May 14, 2013)—Corey Ferrugia, founder of MyTown Music, was just an ordinary musician and kindergarten music teacher before he was cut off after the federal budget cut took effect. This experience made Ferrugia re-appreciate the crucial role that music plays in children’s education. He was determined to fix the problem.MyTownMusic-Corey-Teaching-Class
Founded in 2009, MyTown Music sought to create a scalable and sustainable solution that caters to artistic growth and education in the society.
“If the government keeps cutting budgets for music and art programs at this rate, all government funded music education opportunities will be completely removed from public schools in America by 2015…” Ferrugia lamented, “it is not only happening to public school, but to private school as well.”
Collaborating with Enrique Feldman from the FAME Foundation, MyTown Music is currently undergoing research to gain more knowledge on the effects of music and art exposure in the early childhood development stage.
“So far, we are getting positive results that show music education on individual one-on-one level increases a child’s overall social skills and critical thinking ability” said Ferrugia.F.A.M.E.-Enrique-Reading-with-Music-to-engage-young-Minds-St-Albans-Preschool-Tucson-AZ
In the summer of 2012, Tucson Unified School District contacted MyTown Music and FAME Foundation to contribute their research findings to help children ages 4 and 5 with literacy disabilities. The music-duo was able to inspire children’s minds through autonomous artistic learning experiences.
The partnership with Process Green would provide extra funding for the good that the FAME Foundation has been carrying out. Through Process Green funded donations, Ferrugia is looking forward to creating scholarship programs for the FAME Foundation, which will allow the organization to conduct further extensive research and inspire more children’s lives.
Process Green is inspired daily by people like Ferrugia and Feldman, who instigate small changes in people’s life for big change in the future of our society.
-Written by Taiu Kunimoto