Our Team

We the staff of Process Green believe in receiving for the sake of giving. We are dedicated to paying it forward. As individuals we are great, as a team we are a force. We generously contribute to the vision we hold of success with our own unique gifts and talents. As a company we are the example of being the change we wish to see in our global community. We the staff of Process Green are a beneficial presence on the planet. By creating a strong and profitable business, we become an even stronger contributor to non-profit organizations that work to heal, prosper, and advance our interdependent society.”


edward pakdaman

founder and president

With the mind of an entrepreneur and heart of a philanthropist, Pakdaman was determined to create a business with a social conscience. In 2010, Process Green was born and became the brainchild of providing sustainable funds to nonprofit organizations.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best, when he stated, “Be the change, you wish to see in the world.” As a child, Pakdaman envisioned a career path towards helping others. As years went on, he aligned his academic, professional and personal interests to this vision.

He attended a travelling high school called STARS (Student Travel and Research School) where he was immersed into worldly surroundings. Some of his most life changing and eye opening experiences originated from visits to China and South Africa, to meeting the Queen of Swaziland, and even hearing President Nelson Mandela address apartheid issues. He was exposed to global issues, such as poverty, environmental degradation, and lack of education – issues which Pakdaman holds true to his heart today that he hopes to address through Process Green.

While attending San Francisco State University, Pakdaman interned at the United States Department of Commerce. His internship focused on developing strategic partnerships between clean technology companies and businesses in China to support cleaner air mandates for the 2008 Olympics. Through this internship, he developed a deep passion for sustainability, which is a focal business practices implemented at Process Green.

Shortly after receiving his B.S. in International Business, Pakdaman began a grassroots journey at an environmental non-profit organization in Santa Monica, CA. As is a common case with non-profits, funding was tight as the organization relied on private donors. He often contemplated if there was a revenue model that might better serve nonprofits. It was this nudge from his internal entrepreneurial spirit that the business model of Process Green emerged. Pakdaman sought out to drive residual funding to nonprofits by developing a business that would essentially sell itself. His passion for entrepreneurship and philanthropy launched Process Green to become the nexus of consumers, businesses, nonprofits, and communities.

Edward Pakdaman’s wish for the world: “I wish more people were inspired to pursue their passions. That people encouraged one another to be boldly creative, and to use their talents towards doing good.”

pooja jhobalia-pelham

board of directors – strategic partnerships

A passionate manager of community investment and socially responsible programs, Pelham’s role is to develop Process Green partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations. Experienced across multiple platforms, Pooja has worked with numerous partners including: OC Fair & Event Center, South Coast Plaza, Orange County Business Council, Irvine Company, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, Goodwill of Orange County, Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.

Pelham holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys travelling with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

Pooja Jhobalia-Pelham’s wish for the world: “I wish everyone had an opportunity to receive an education. It’s intangible, but creates a better, tangible world for all.”

daniela meltzer

nonprofit and business development manager

With an eclectic background and diverse professional career, Meltzer is eagerly developing connections between businesses and nonprofits with Process Green’s unique business model. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Meltzer has lived on three different continents and is trilingual. Through her travels around the world, Meltzer fostered a global worldview and a deep-seated concern for environmental issues. 

For the past 20 years, Daniela has been involved in marketing, sales, publicity and event production either through her professional endeavors, volunteer work with environmental and human rights groups, and even spearheading a video technology company for the entertainment industry. Additionally, her nonprofit background includes being a founding member and current board member of Amazon Watch. Recently, Meltzer played an integral role as the marketing director for the Green Festival in Los Angeles. Combining her passion for environmental issues, event planning and marketing while having the opportunity to outreach to a broad sector of Los Angeles, Meltzer successfully strategized strong relationships with a wide spectrum of community organizations and businesses. Meltzer holds a Master’s of Public Administration and Environmental Policy degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Psychology from Emerson College. She enjoys her free time with her husband and two young daughters, teaching them to be good citizens and make the world a better place.

Daniela Meltzer’s wish for the world: “That we undergo a collective paradigm shift from being anthropocentric to ecocentric and foster a sense of true interconnectedness with all beings. This will bring about true sustainability and ensure long-term survival for all.”

channing de la ross

director of creative communications

A visionary and innovative thinker of the team, Ross’ focus is to create a prominent image of the Process Green brand through graphic artistry and video production. Born in Hollywood, CA and raised throughout Southern California, Ross grew up with a keen eye for entertainment production and creativity. Previously, he worked behind the scenes for The Bachelor reality TV show as well as a multi-hyphenate film maker at howcast.com. 

Ross holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Video Production from the Art Institute and a Certificate in Graphic Design from Santa Monica College. He enjoys being a health nut and believes failure is what motivates him to appreciate success.

Channing de la Ross’ wish for the world: “Remember who you are. I wish people would just realize that we are only human. We create unnecessary stresses around us. Everybody should meditate, it is something you can do anywhere.”

j. morgan keim

director of technology & digital communications

An East Coast native, Morgan Keim acts as a digital marketing expert and technical liaison for Process Green. He has helped spearhead communications efforts in growing PG’s digital reach, frequency and impact across a range of digital mediums. If you have not heard about Process Green, you will. A problem solver and Project Management ninja with a half-decade worth of Digital Marketing experience,

Keim has represented global consumer brands such as Honda, Acura, and BlackBerry. He has held positions at major advertising agencies, including RPA, Rosetta/Level Studios, and Dustland Media. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Santa Monica-based Sustainable Works. With a head for business and a heart for sustainability, Keim has extensive expertise in consulting ‘green’ businesses. Prior to joining the agency world, he founded a marketing consultancy which tailored marketing solutions for numerous ‘green’ businesses in the greater Charleston, SC region. He has also held sustainability positions at The City of Charleston’s Sustainability Division, and Surya Organics (a biofertilizer start-up).

J. Morgan Keim’s wish for the world: “I wish for people to understand the full effects of their actions, and to take responsibility for the life of our planet now, not tomorrow. There is no Planet B so we must tread lightly.”

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