LOS ANGELES —For David Aaronson, founder of Digital Inbound, giving back to society has always been one of the top priorities in his life. Whenever he is off-work, he chooses to participate in charitable events for Big Sunday and the local Jewish community centers. Now, through Process Green, Aaronson is supporting Reading Opens Minds—a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that aims to spread the joy of reading to the low-income and at-risk communities.
“I strongly believe that those who are affluent in society have the obligation and the duty to help the population who are in less favorable social positions,” Aaronson told our reporter on the phone. “I want to help them rise up to what they can really become,” he continued.
Aaronson truly appreciates what Reading Opens Minds’ mission statement is; “reading helps people experience things that they otherwise would not have a chance to experience.” He affirmed that Reading Opens Minds is doing society a justice by broadening the horizon of those who have limited access to books due to various social and financial burdens.
Edward Pakdaman, founder of Process Green, is convinced that the belief of “giving back to society” shared between Digital Inbound and Process Green will nurture a tighter business partnership in the future. “David and I are both working hard for the same cause,” said Pakdaman, “we are both trying to make our society a better place, which brings our partnership to a new level.”
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Aaronson is currently bringing his expertise in marketing to help Reading Opens Minds spread its voice across communities. Aaronson has set up a constant contact account for Reading Opens Minds so that the organization can facilitate in communicating and generating leads. Moreover, he has contributed in raising awareness for Reading Opens Minds among educational communities and institutions. With the help of Process Green, Aaronson is expecting to endow even more by the end of this year.
At last, when asked what ‘charity’ meant to him, Aaronson straight-forwardly answered “one of the most important things in my life.”
We are hoping to see more support given to charitable organizations such as Reading Opens Minds in the upcoming years, because we believe in “small change for big change.”
Written by Taiu Kunimoto