LOS ANGELES (November 19, 2013) – Many workouts today are not only high-energy, but strenuous on the body as well, causing accidents and injuries.  Cardio Barre saw a need to offer great cardio workouts that would not negatively impact the body.  Their exercises lengthen and strengthen your muscles utilizing the barre and light weights.Santa Monica Cardio Barre

“The body is worked as both a coordinated whole and in isolated muscle groups, maximizing the body’s full potential,” co-owner of the Santa Monica location, Lauren Faretta, explained. Their mission is to help others live a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle. “We want to help encourage and make people’s lives blossom into their full potential,” said Faretta, “and help change the way people perceived working out.”

Along with the fitness aspect, Cardio Barre wants to be a part of the ever-growing Westside community through creating an atmosphere that honors and respects the environment and helps others in need whether that is one individual or a collective group.

The non-profit organization that Cardio Barre chose to donate to through Process Green was Upward Bound House.  Upward Bound House works to mitigate the affordable housing crisis in West LA and more specifically, the two vulnerable populations: homeless families with minor children and low-income seniors. Upward Bound House has three facilities, the Family Place, the Senior Villa, and the Family Shelter that provide housing to these populations in need. “Upward Bound House empowers people that may not have believed they could ever become independent and successful individuals of the community again,” Faretta said.

Upward Bound House - Process Green Merchant ServicesUpward Bound House stood out to them because “homelessness surrounds us everywhere,” Faretta lamented, “We see it nearby our studio and along the streets of Los Angeles every day. We cannot keep turning a blind eye as if it is just going to go away by itself. It is a serious issue and any contributions we can lend by helping an individual find hope and a way out of their circumstance is very important to us.”  In addition to this, “Upward Bound House educates and assists to empower people, just as we want to do with our clients,” Faretta explains.  With these similar goals and desires to better the community, Cardio Barre and Upward Bound House are continuing to work together to help those in need of housing in the Westside community.

“Transformation is possible with the guidance of a loving hand,” Faretta concluded.

For more information about Cardio Barre, visit their website at cardiobarre.com.  And to learn about how you can get involved with Upward Bound House, go to upwardboundhouse.org.

Written by Julie Tofukuji